Welcome To Carolina Business Mentors

We provide a business consultancy approach which helps organizations accelerate their business using IT as a strategic tool. Is your business automation system working for you, or is it consuming resources that could otherwise be utilized to grow your business? A modern business system will both cut your costs and work for you 24/7 by providing around-the-clock access to needed information.

You should expect to get all of the efficiencies and productivity that you need out of your business automation. Are you going to be best served by a customized system or existing technology? Our approach helps you determine that. We take great pride in finding your best solution, even if that means directing you to someone else.

The bottom line is is important to us. Our business experience and system expertise will help build your sales revenue while reducing your operating costs -- ESPECIALLY if you are depending on older legacy systems.

The Legacy Tax

The Substantial Hidden Taxes
of Legacy Business Systems

  • Higher Labor Costs
  • Expensive Specialized Talent
  • Costly Maintenance & Support
  • High-Priced Operating System Contracts
  • Steep Proprietary Equipment Costs
  • Multiple Systems Require Redundant Labor
  • And So Many More Costs

We're Different

Real Business Advice. Your system will exceed your expectations as we integrate best practices learned from helping others over 26 years.

Minimum Risk. We have a proven 100% implementation success rate.

Custom Fit. Optimize your business performance with system customization.

New System Benefits

  • Reduced Operational Costs

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • Improved Profits

  • Lowered Business Risk

  • Greater Operational Efficiency


The Department of Business License in one of America's high growth counties is using a business automation system we designed to flawlessly bill and collect over $600M in revenue each year. They paid for the system quickly by eliminating the need for an IBM mainframe, and by reducing labor costs associated with merging their five older systems into one single consolidated business solution.